Specialist mortgages

Perhaps you’re self-employed and worried about proof of income? Maybe you’re looking to buy a new build apartment or a dream holiday home abroad? Are you looking for a bridging loan to buy a new home before you’ve been able to sell your current one? Or you could be one of millions with an impaired credit history despairing that they’ll never get on the property ladder.

There is no need to feel disheartened. Borrowers are increasingly looking for mortgage products that are less “off-the-shelf” and a little more tailored to their unique set of circumstances. Many have encountered the dreaded “computer says no” scenario but luckily there are plenty of alternative products to cover a variety of specialist needs.

There are many reasons to seek a specialist mortgage and Woodhall advisors are happy to chat with you today to discuss your own particular set of needs and find you a tailored solution.

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New Build

New build

The Government are promising a major increase in new home builds, yet many are finding it harder than expected to get a mortgage, with lenders often requesting a 10-25% deposit. Restrictions sometimes apply on new homes so it’s important to do your research, or let us do it for you.


Self-certification mortgages no longer exist after a crackdown on their abuse. But it’s a myth that it’s now near impossible for the self-employed to get on the property ladder. If you can show two years’ worth of tax returns and provide evidence that you have work lined up for the future you should have no problem. Even without two years’ proof of earnings you could still be eligible for a mortgage.


I approached Woodhall Mortgages through a recommendation of a friend. They found me a deal which was a lot cheaper than what my bank offered for the purchase of my house. They were happy to meet in the evening to sort everything out and took care of everything from start to finish for us. Always easily contactable and there to answer questions throughout.

Mr F Swarbrooke