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Are you in need of Mortgage Advice in Colchester?

We are an independent mortgage broker in Colchester that looks over the whole of the home mortgage market to bring you the best mortgage as well as insurance coverage products to fit your individual needs. Our skilled experts are right here to help you move right into your desire home. Friendly, fast as well as problem-free, our solution is readily available to all. We browse the “whole of the market”, implying we won’t quit looking till we locate the mortgage to suit your scenario.


There are many things to take into consideration when discovering the right economic product, which is why we prefer to meet face to face to place you at ease as well as answer all your questions. That is why you need a local home mortgage broker in Colchester. We’re not simply ‘entire market suppliers’– we’re full-service carriers; we will be there for you every step of the means till completion and past.

We Are A Mortgage Broker In Colchester - We Cover Colchester, Essex And The Surrounding Area.

You might be tempted to go to your own bank as the first port of call, but banks have a vested interest in offering only their own products. For the best possible chance of finding a great deal, it’s been shown time and again that independent advice is the way forward. Woodhall Mortgages are always available for a no-obligation, informal chat to get the ball rolling. We will assign you your own dedicated advisor from start to finish, to be ready at all times to take your calls, answer your questions, and guide you on your journey to home ownership. We pride ourselves on making life easier for you and helping you understand how to navigate what can be a complex, jargon-filled industry. This is the advantage of seeing a local mortgage broker in Colchester.

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Why Choose Woodhall Mortgages?

Woodhall Mortgages prides itself in delivering honest and straightforward services and advice to prospective home-owners. We are an independent mortgage broker in Colchester specializing in residential mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages & remortgages covering Colchester and Essex. Our mortgage specialists search the market for the most competitive interest rates, while also offering our clients a variety of financial solutions. Our goal is to make opening a mortgage account at any stage of life easy, efficient, transparent, and hassle-free.

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As your local Mortgage Broker in Colchester, we take the time to get to know you and your personal circumstances so that we can provide you with sound financial solutions for your mortgage, life cover, and anything else financial in between. Being a small but experienced team of mortgage advisors means two things – you will always know who you are talking to, and we can really get to know you.

How To Get A Mortgage In Colchester

Getting A Mortgage Made Easy

The 7 simple steps of the process of the house buying process with a mortgage broker in Colchester, Essex

1) Work out a budget for your new home

This includes finding out the current worth of your existing house and just how much you can obtain. Your credit history, incomings and also outgoings play an important role in computing cost.  As a mortgage broker in Colchester we can help you work out you affordability.

2) Find your dream property and make an offer

Where do you wish to move to? How many bedrooms would you like? Do you want a yard, a garage, accessibility to a local school? Once you have actually discovered your best house it’s time to make a deal.

3) Arrange your new mortgage

Tell us when you have actually made an offer and we’ll find you the most appropriate deal we can. You’ll require to designate a solicitor to look after the sale of your present home in addition to the acquisition of your new one. We will certainly require his or her details to proceed.

4) Surveys and contracts

A survey is usually carried out by the lender for peace of mind. This is usually paid for up front by the borrower. If the results are satisfactory to all then a Contract for Sale can proceed. It agrees a price and completion date.

5) Selling your home

Don’t neglect that selling your existing home might take a while. Are you planning to move after you sell? You might need to rent before moving into your new residential or commercial property or take out a Bridging Loan.

6) Completion and moving in

Prior to completion, your solicitor must formally request the finance funds from your lender. When this is attained it is just a matter of grabbing your new keys and moving into your new home!

7) Get the keys!

Just before completion, your solicitor needs to formally ask for the funding funds from your lender. Once this is attained it’s a matter of picking up your brand-new secrets and relocating to your new residence!

F.A.Q.s About Woodhall Mortgages

As your Mortgage Broker in Colchester, we carry out a Fact Finder to establish your personal requirements before we suggest the most appropriate mortgage for your needs. A credit check is then needed for an Agreement in Concept. A formal home mortgage offer can be issued as soon as you have provided all the relevant documents and an appraisal of the home has been undertaken with the mortgage.

To avoid possible frustration, we recommend you acquire an agreement in Principle prior to you start viewing homes in Colchester and the surrounding areas. At the very least you must get one prior to making an offer which can assist your bargaining position when purchasing a home. So if your looking for a mortgage broker in Colchester we can help

Typically, a mortgage in principle is valid for up to 90 days. If it expires before you need it, you can quite easily reapply, but be careful not to request too many mortgages in principle, as too many credit searches could end up damaging your credit profile.

It may be possible to get a second mortgage on your home in Colchester for things like debt consolidation or home improvements/renovations. It may also be possible to take out a mortgage on a 2nd residential or commercial property if you’re wanting to use it for yourself, a relative, a vacation or a Buy to Let.

The minimum deposit when purchasing a house in Colchester with high street lenders is typically 5%. This can be higher if you have had previous credit problems.

It’s usually three payslips for an employee to prove income and the latest 2 years’ accounts for Self Employed. You will also need to produce proof of ID, address and 3 months’ bank statements.

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5 Reasons Why Colchester Is A Great Place To Live!

1) Location

Colchester is easily accessible by road and rail networks, especially given its proximity to Stansted Airport, which can be reached in under 30 minutes by car. If you decide to take public transportation instead of driving, the 90-minute commute includes a direct train from London Liverpool Street Station or your other London north-end counterparts, taking you directly into Colchester’s main station. The closest ferry port to Colchester is at Harwich , which is about 30 minutes by car.

For those who aren’t looking for a commute to central London or elsewhere, Colchester is within easy reach of the Dedham Vale Area of Natural Beauty and the Hamford Water National Nature Reserve, which are both lovely places to visit on the weekend. If residents grow tired of the attractions, shops, and amenities in Colchester or simply want to broaden their search for a local job, Braintree, Chelmsford or Ipswich are all around 40 minutes away.



2) A Great Place To Raise A Family

In terms of schools, most are noticeably good and there are a few that have been rated outstanding. There is also the option to choose from a number of which parents generally value their children’s education. In fact, they will go as far as supporting them with doing something relevant to their future careers even before these decisions can be made, for example by flying them off to study at the University of Essex where you’ll find a campus in Colchester that has been pre-recognized by that Teaching Excellence Framework.

If you’re looking to buy or rent property in Colchester, you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget and your needs. For example, there are many well-priced houses with spacious lots for gardening, as well as apartments around town.


3) There’s Plenty To Keep You Entertained

Colchester’s population is composed of all types of people – the young, the old, families and singles. As a result and perhaps because it is close to an army barracks, this town in Essex boasts stellar service industries. The fact that there are also numerous pubs, tearooms, restaurants and bars throughout the region means visitors can take their pick when it comes to choosing which one to visit tonight!

There’s a theatre in town and two cinemas in the centre, which you can easily reach on foot. Both offer a good mix off mainstream and indie movies well worth seeing. Culver Square is home to several high street shops The Red Lion Yard also has an abundance of small, independent shops focussing mainly on fashion accessories and so-called ‘homeware’, but occasionally offering surprises such as original clothing and special antiquities. A weekly craft and farmers’ market takes place (on Saturdays).


4) Great For Art Lovers

Firstsite is a free exhibition space that promotes art and culture to a diverse, global community through a range of shows, art projects and events throughout the year. Also included in the program are exhibitions, talks and interactive workshops for children who visit for free.

The Colchester Arts Centre has it all: art, comedy and cinema. Curzon Cinema is the place to go if you want to see a bit of creativity and artistry, with arthouse films and fresh new content arriving each day. It’s just next door to Firstsite, an incredible arts venue that hosts exhibitions, workshops and activities for kids. Lastly, there’s The Minories Art Gallery, which is run by the Colchester School of Art (part of the Colchester Institute), and showcases contemporary art as well as selling equipment used in its classes!


5) Foodies Love Colchester

In Colchester on the first Friday of every month, residents can enjoy a farmers’ market in Colchester Arts Centre Garden. The event features fresh produce from local producers as well as foodstuffs from other parts of the country and baked goods from local artisans. In June, one can enjoy a feast at a food and drink festival held in Castle Park – a lovely spot for a picnic during the shimmering summer heat. If you don’t wish to sample all of the great foods offered there at once, be sure to bring a blanket! In August, those who live near Castle Park can join guests from across Europe at an annual archery competition where contestants shoot arrows tipped with wax instead of feathers. In September, business owners and citizens alike look forward to what is generally regarded as Colchester’s leading social event – an oyster feast that dates back over seven hundred years!


So if you have got your heart set on a new home in Colchester, Essesx and need a mortgage give us a call as we are a mortgage broker Colchester, we can help you through the whole process. Get in touch with one of our mortgage advisor Colchester and we will be in touch.  For more information on living in Colchester contact Colchester Council

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