How To Get A Buy-To-Let Mortgage

So how do you get a buy to let mortgage? Well if you’ve been considering buying an investment property and you have yet to take the first step to see if you qualify, it's easier than you may think, and this video is for you. I’m Andy from and on this channel I share… Continue reading How To Get A Buy-To-Let Mortgage

Mortgage Refinance Basics

A mortgage refinance is just that – a move to pay-off your mortgage by taking out a new loan on your home. Refinancing a mortgage therefore simply means replacing an old mortgage with a new one. Should You or Shouldn’t You? There’s no simple yes or no answer to this question. It would be better… Continue reading Mortgage Refinance Basics

How to Find the Right Mortgage

A mortgage that is properly-suited to an individual’s needs when buying a home can save the individual thousands while a mortgage that has not been properly tailored to their needs can place the house and the individual’s financial future in jeopardy. And because there are so many types of mortgages and mortgage products available, it’s… Continue reading How to Find the Right Mortgage